Celebrate Love

One year ago—Amanda wrote In Defense of Valentine’s Day. Now it’s my turn. If you haven’t read that blog from February 2015, go do it.

Okay, now that we’re on the same page, I’ll go on.  

Close your eyes and reminisce on your loved ones. Just do it, for 15 seconds.  Who was the first person to come to mind?  The second and third?  Now tell me that Valentine’s Day is a stupid day created by money-mongers, too girly for your taste.  

But you just thought of your loved ones, those that you wish to create a life with or spend the rest of yours with! Let Valentine’s Day be the one day that you can drop the monotonous tasks and obligations you feel committed to. Commit yourself to your honey and celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Make a day that you want it to be, don’t worry about the cliche of chocolates and teddy bears. If that’s not you, don’t do it.

We’re constantly saying that we are your advocates and though specifically, we’re talking about your wedding, in a broader sense, we’re talking about your love. Trust me, it’s worth investing in your love, and we don’t mean money. Use this holiday to celebrate in your own unique style.  

Get yourself a Valentine or be someone’s Valentine.  We dare you!