Engagement Season... Are You Ready?

Engagement Season: Are you ready?


It's here.  Engagement season.  It can be really intimidating, coming up with 'the perfect' way to ask so we've come up with a few ideas to help get the juices flowing!

Tree Decorating    

If you love tradition, this is the proposal for you.  Imagine you and your guy are putting up the Christmas tree together. You turn on some delightful tunes, a cozy fire and drink some hot chocolate, maybe with a dash of Bailey’s (it can't hurt your chances!). You casually reach into your ornament storage and pull out a special little box.  “Oh what about this one, this one is my favorite,” you say as if it's NBD.  As he turns around, there you have it open and sparkling. And VOILA, the tears start flowing.

Finish Line Lovin’

I ran in the San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon a month ago.  I cannot describe the wealth of emotions you feel while conquering such an accomplishment. If the one you love loves this kind of competition, you have a special opportunity to make an accomplishment a life changing memory.  This one takes a little help and definitely some planning.  You can go simple and surprising by using the 'race tracker' that most races have to locate your runner.  When she is starting to approach the finish line, find her through the flood of people and put yourself in a safe but noticeable area and be ready with that box.  Or you could go over the top and work out with the announcer your plan.  Get him to have the whole finish line participate in your proposal!



Latte of Love

We won’t deny we LOVE Starbucks. Some call it an addiction.  We prefer to think of it as wedding planning fuel.  Take your mister to your favorite coffee spot and ask him to find a seat while you order the coffee.  Instead of leaving a name for them to call when the drinks are ready, ask them to call out, “Will you marry me, Bill (insert your future fiance's actual name)?"  If you do this, call us.  First, we're always up for coffee, and second this would make us cry!

Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

You can’t deny it, photo booths are just plain fun and there is certainly no shortage of them right now.  There's bound to be one at at least ONE of your holiday parties.  Grab your girlfriend and tell her to get some fun faces ready.  Don't forget your prop (the ring box!) and have it on hand to pop in to the frame mid funny face.  You’ve then hit two birds with one stone, a proposal and it’s been photographed. Genius.


New Year, Same Love

New Years Eve is a popular night for proposing; A new year, new beginnings, the start of a journey.  This could be a quiet evening in with champagne and Ryan Seacrest or you could be packed in with the crowd watching the fireworks on 16th Street Mall.   As the crowd counts down, take the box from your pocket and start the new year with a new fiance!

These are just ideas.  Your proposal, what ever it is, will be great because it will be meaningful to you.  There's no right or wrong way, as long as it feels right.  ☺

We love to hear proposal stories! Share yours with us below.