5 Uber Modern Wedding Trends- or they will be soon!

5 Uber Modern Wedding Ideas


Unlike other trends, wedding trends tend to span several years.  I think this is because when you see something you fall in love with (cupcakes or candy bar) it’s still six months- one year- six years till your wedding.  This doesn’t mean all these trends should span several years.


Instead of being the last person to showcase a particular trend, why not be one of the first?  Here are five super duper modern wedding ideas that will set you apart from the pack!


  1. Have lovely fresh fruit in bowls for your centerpieces.  Then, in lieu of a wedding favor donate all the fruit to a local homeless shelter in the wedding guests’ name.  It’ll be beautiful, save money, and help the community.  Win, win, win.  

  2. Have a gourmet coffee bar after dinner.  90% of Americans frequent Starbucks at least bi-weekly (this statistic is completely made up).  Who doesn’t like some kind of vanilla flavored, whipped cream topped, caramel swirled, cinnamon sprinkled mocha frapa something?  Among others, check out the Funky Brewster at www.thefunkybrewster.com.

  3. Think WAY outside the box.  Have your wedding at retro bowling alley or at, wait for it… SKATE CITY!  Get creative (or let us help you be creative!).  Of course these crazy ideas aren’t for everyone, but don’t be afraid to have a wedding that is totally you, not just the same wedding you’ve been to a thousand times.  

  4. Instead of bouquets, wear lush and modern wrist corsages, or carry unique clutches.  It is nice to have something to hold while you’re walking down the isle- for some reason when you’re nervous, holding something feels better, but it doesn’t have to be a bouquet.

  5. Leave something out.  Sometimes letting go of a stodgy tradition is just the thing to make your wedding modern, and totally you.  Think cake toppers are cheesy?  Don’t have one.  Hate cake?  Eat pie (Marie Antoinette will forgive you!).  Don’t want to ‘cut the cake?’ Just have the waitstaff start serving it when dinner is over.  Now, I realize that all my examples have to do with cake, and that might be because I’m really feeling some cake right now, but this is true for every tradition.  Don’t be bullied by tradition!  Let it go!


Are you ‘modern’ or ‘traditional?’  What’s the most unique thing you had, or will have, at your wedding?