5 Easy Wedding Gifts That Fit in an Envelope

Wedding gifts can create a conundrum.  The obvious way for a couple to get what they want or need is to register at a department store.  What if it’s a second marriage, or if the couple lived together for a long time and already have everything they need?  What if they’re getting married in Denver but live in Cincinnati, and they don’t want to pay $1000 shipping gifts home?  What if you’re attending a wedding in Cincinnati and you live in Denver?  Here are some great out of the box gift ideas that will wow the bride and groom and don’t need to be wrapped!  


1.  A Clean House- Purchase the new bride and groom a month, or even a one time, house cleaning for a stress free start to their new lives together.


2.  A Safety Net-  Start a life insurance policy for the bride and groom.  Its one of those kind of boring things that can make a big difference in their lives.  Many appreciate over time, like an investment.  There are many different kinds of life insurance, so check with your insurance agent for options.  


3.  A Romantic Night Out- Where did the couple meet?  What is their favorite restaurant?  Include in a pretty card a gift certificates for drinks, dinner, and a fun activity, and give the new couple a night of romance!  


4.  A Ride for a Year-  With gas prices so high, a light rail membership is the perfect gift for a new couple that has things to in Denver.  It’s an awesome gift that will give all year long!


5.  A Busy Saturday- Do the bride and groom love dinosaurs or the doing zumba?  Do they love to rock climb?  How about a year membership to the Denver zoo or the Natural History Museum, or even their favorite gym.  The more they like a thing, the easier it is to shop!


What is the best gift you can think of that fits in an envelope?