Top 5 Misconceptions About Wedding Planners

Top 5 Misconceptions about Wedding Planners

Weddings Are Hard

My mom actually inspired this post. For years I worked as a planner for a venue and in the corporate world and when I decided to go out on my own, my mom, at first, didn’t understand. She didn’t understand exactly what a wedding planner did, and more importantly she didn’t understand why someone would pay for a wedding planner. She, like many others, held some common misconceptions. Through our interviews with people and knowledge of the industry, here are the top 5 misconceptions we hear the most.

  1. “Wedding planners are for rich people.” While our work doesn’t come for free, there are all kinds of wedding planners for all kinds of budgets. Don’t get me wrong, having a blank check is great, but it is a particular point of pride for Jess and I to help create a unique and personal wedding on a limited budget. Smaller budgets equal big creativity!

  2. “I can plan my wedding myself.” Yes you can. I can do my taxes or hunt for my own food or rewire a lamp. But I don’t want to do any of these things. I don’t like any of these things. Also I’m not an expert, so while I may be able, it will cost me time and money and I’ll make a lot of mistakes. In fairness, weddings are lots more fun than (arguably) any of these other things, but the point is, a wedding planner can be your expert, your cpa (creative pal in attendance….yes, I know this needs work!) For those of you who love planning, and really do either know what you’re doing or have always dreamed of your own DIY wedding, then there is also the option of Day Of coordination. This is where a planner comes in and takes on all the stress and work of your wedding day, leaving the fun and memories for you!

  3. “I can’t spare the money for a wedding planner in my budget.”  Again, wedding planners aren’t free, but a planner can actually save you money in the long run. First, we’ve already made the mistakes and seen the DIY’s that will be fun and save you money, and the ones that will suck the life out of every single Saturday for the next year. We can guide you and help you spend your money wisely. We also know ways you can save money and negotiate with vendors and point out things you do or don’t need and great compromises to help you stay on budget. Also, often we have previous relationships with lots of other vendors and we are offered discounts, discounts which we pass along to our clients. Most of the time, we end up paying for ourselves!

  4. “I already have my mom/grandma/mother-in-law, etc. telling me what to do , I don’t need to pay someone to do it.” I work for you, the couple getting married, not anyone else. My job is to guide, to help, to come up with ideas, but more than any of that, my job is to be there for both of you. A mostly unknown but super important function of a wedding planner is to be a buffer for you, the couple. I can boss people around, direct guests and family, tell your bossy aunt to take a seat, help you create a seating chart where your divorced parents are kept apart, but neither feels slighted, politely deal with your drunk uncle, and figure out what to do with those people that showed up but didn’t RSVP (happens all the time). Basically, I can be the bad guy if needed and get things done. Who doesn’t want that!

  5. “I have been planning social events and dinners for years, I got this.” Weddings are not like any other social event.  They are beautiful and magical and will quite literally change your life, but they are also loaded with stress and family drama and nerves.  You, the bride and groom, cannot be in two places at once.  You can't be putting on a wedding dress and putting out wedding favors.  You can't be lining up to get married and also calling the baker because they didn't show up on time. One thing always goes wrong at weddings.  Its a strange little fact of life.  Having someone there to handle the fact that your neice broke one half of the matching champagne flutes or that you forgot to tell the caterer that your mother-in-law is a vegetarian, can change the memories of your wedding from stressful and nerve-racking to fun and meaningful.  Even though your annual holiday party is a huge hit, let's be honest, you spend the whole time running around filling ice and snacks and wiping up spills and you never take your apron off.  As a wedding planner, my job is to make sure you can relax and be in the moment on your big day. You spend a lot of money on this event, make sure you enjoy it!   Let us wear the apron.