The Owner

Hi.  I’m Amanda.  I am a nerd about many things- crafts, office supplies, writing, and most definitely weddings.  I am a wedding nerd.  I’m maybe the only other person who will get as excited as you are about chargers and napkin folds.  I’ve always got new ideas, and almost all of them are good!  I have a pretty great husband and two super cute kids and they are the reason I love weddings so much- I wouldn’t have them at all if I didn’t have that wedding day first.  

Also, I love brussel sprouts, read Sci/Fi, and I’m a Colorado Unicorn- I don’t ski.  

My Spiel

I want more than anything for your event to be entirely you.  All my ideas are just here to highlight the glory that is your wedding day.  And I say that without even a touch of irony.  That’s how I want you to feel.  Glorious.  That’s my goal.  And I will work my butt of to make that happen!

Favorite Part of the Wedding

The instant the bride starts down the isle.  I'm so happy and so proud and it is what I've worked so hard for, but in that moment, I am meaningless.  It is a beautiful and humbling thing.

The Right Hand Gal

Hi there. I’m Shelby.  I have a wonderful boyfriend of 6 years that I am madly in love with and together we have two wonderful fur-children, Morgan & Zeppelin.  Life is pretty grand and I will find the positive side of everything.  It’s the only way to find true happiness and to not dwell on what we cannot control.

I work hard.  I know what you need before you know it.  I believe in doing it right rather than doing it fast. 

Favorite Part of the Wedding

Always the emotional toasts; I cry every time (Amanda can testify to this).

Favorite Quote

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips that you kissed, but my soul.” –Judy Garland